Tuesday, February 9, 2016

  The Woody-wood pecker ride at Universal Studios.  Gwen of course had no clue who Woody-wood pecker was and called it the Wood chuck ride.  She enjoyed the ride despite her ignorance of the cartoon character.
 Holding hands
 In Disney we stayed out the Polynesian Resort which is one the resorts on the monorail loop.  One of the restaurants is called Ohanas which has a nice view of the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom which you can see going off behind me.  
 Gwen driving the race cars in Magic Kingdom
 Morgan likes to make funny faces
 Dr Suess carousel at Universal Studios 
 Morgan copying the facial expression of the Dr Seuss horse? on the carousel.

 Morgan showing off Gwen's Harry Potter wand
 The wand is interactive.  If you stand in the right spot and wave it the right way sensors pick up the wand and something happens. For example the fountain would turn on if the wand was waved just right ...as if by magic.
 Scooby Doo Mystery Machine at Universal
 Our room at the Polynesian in Disney.  We had a balcony with a view.  I didn't pay for the view so I think we got upgrade or it was a mistake - either way I enjoyed it.
 Kids making faces while waiting for lunch
 Some young women sitting where Morgan should be - oh wait that is Morgan.
 The pool at the Polynesian has a water slide that goes thru a "volcano"
 Waiting for the luau.  We took Katie's sister's son, Dax. 
 It drizzled a couple days which actually worked in our favor as it kept the crowds down.  We shut the park down that night riding on Thunder Mountain more times then I can remember.  You may recall Thunder Mountain is the roller coaster running thru an old west mine.
Overlooking Main st USA in the Magic Kingdom.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day

We (meaning I) recently installed new windows in the bathrooms and first floor.  You can see one below.  I also installed the wood floor in the kitchen.  Gwen is showing off how smooth it is compared to the plywood subfloor by sliding her butt across it. 

Baby turtles hatched in our yard and tried to make the migration over to the wet lands across the street.  Most were hit by cars unfortunately.   This one was hand escorted. 

 Gwen lost three teeth.  The two upper front ones and one on the button.  Makes it hard to eat. 
 Three lovely ladies at the baptism.  I couldn't get all three to look forward at the same time. 
 Jeremiahs (plural) at the baptism. 
 Gwen pondering why Jesus would be nailed to a cross.   Religion is confusing to a 6 year old. 
 Morgan had a "born in 75 day" 1775 that is. They had to dress as if it was 1775 and bring a lunch that would also be appropriate.  She had beef jerky, cheese and I think an apple. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My barn (glorified shed)

Well there's ur problem!

I used a lolly col in each corner to lift the barn

One of the old posts that used to support the center

Shows the garage door elevated off the ground
 I built four large beams to go under the ceiling joists and the top plate of each wall.  I then lifted the large beams with adjustable lolly columns.  Next step is to fix up the foundation adding some height so the wood is not so close to the ground.  Then I'll add a pressure treated sill.  Once that is done I'll replace the old posts in the center with permanent steel lolly columns. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pictures of the house

New tile in the dining room

Funky wallpaper on pantry

Morgan's new Guinea Pig
As the pictures show we're applying finishes to the rooms we're remodeling.  I still have to install doors, the floor in the kitchen, cabinets, and trim.  Long way from done.  Morgan received some money for her birthday and bought a guinea pig from a rescue shelter to keep the other guinea pig company.  So far the two pigs don't get along.  They're in separate cages which we bring closer and closer to each other to get them used to one another.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gwen's new bed for her American Girl Doll

For Gwen's 6th birthday we went to the American Girl store in Natick MA.  As luck would have it it was also no sales tax weekend.  We walked into this place which is two stories of pink and dolls.  The first display has the doll Gwen wants to buy.  She grabs it and says - Okay let's go home.  So our day at the American girl doll store was a little shorter than planned - I was okay with that.   

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We hired a nanny for the summer to watch the girls.  Now you might think that sounds expensive but the cost is very comparable to the cost of sending the girls to camp and its far more flexible. 

We used to have a pile of boxes from moving but this weeks craft project took care of that.  The girls made "arcade" games.  The best one being Morgan's skee ball with neat system to return the ball after it goes in the holes. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fletcher St Pre-Demolition.

I finally found my firewire cable to hook the camcorder into the computer so I could upload this video.  This was shot the night we bought the place.  Most of what you are about to see no longer exists - heck some of the rooms you are about to see no longer exist. 

Sorry about the metal door comments.